sabato 16 novembre 2013

Practice on tablet, from the basis

UPDATE - Great. I'm starting to fell more comfortable compared to yesterday. Faster and longer lines. And yes, I confirm the left hand collaborates better with tablet and I almost never use ctrl+Z 

After a quick improvement at the start, in 4 days i didn't improved in months.
Then reading around I discovered that I drew in a uncomfortable way (I even have pain on my back and shoulders for this) and I had to move tablet on the table. Plus, as I suspected earlier, it seems that my left hand is better for the tablet, but earlier (like every time I do something new) I could not fell clearly which hand was better (On the tablet, I can make almost straight lines and control pressure with the right hand but I still can't control direction after months, with left hand I'm not yet used to draw with tablet but I can control direction)
I think it should take 4 days again But I don't fell the urge to learn as before, since I'm more curious to getting used to a new technique of drawing I just learn during last two months.

domenica 21 luglio 2013

I'll take a bit of time to write something about me...

... because I will not post new art this week.

As I already told in this blog, I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.
Since I was 11, I didn't nothing about visit to psychologist etc, but I worked by myself, in order to improve my comprehension of communication, social skills etc...

Is happened that recently, a person I and my brother know, was diagnosed with autism aswell. and plus, my brother and my mum realized I'm having some difficult in everyday life. As difficult I mean certain things is perfectly normal to do, but they don't come spontaneous to me.

So my brother organized a visit with a psychologist for me, and few weeks ago I and my mum went to psychologist. I was worried. But result of the visit was good. During those 30 years of life, I learned a lot of things that many 30 years-old autistics don't know yet, so I think I can say I am a very high functioning autistic. Psychologist suggest me how to overcome problems I have on multitasking and told me that I need to work on my social skills (I'm naturally an extroverted, but when I was little I approached people in wrong way, so now I am a bit scared when I have to approach people I don't know). This does means that I will probably have to do some volunteer works (related to drawing) in nearby kindergarden and probably I will have to draw social stories for autistic kids.

At the moment I'm trying to improve in everyday life, but is quite difficult.

sabato 20 luglio 2013

That's cool

I love when people you admire are like this. From what I know and from several sources I've read that Taker is quite reserved in real life.
Another thing I like about Taker, is the fact that in the rare pictures where you see him smile, his smile is genuine. A lot of famous people show fake smile in pictures. Smile is the facial expression I know better, and I find the fake smile (the one often shown in photography) is irritating (Waaah teeth!!!)

venerdì 19 luglio 2013

I hope my sketchy sketches don't annoy you. But I need to practice on sketches. (today I hadn't a lot of time for an accurate drawing)
If you don't want to see my sketches I will not show you them anymore.

Rotten is a tertiary character that appears just once in Rough Dream. I think he is the most disturbing character of the story.
His look is inspired to Gollum, and I will define this character better with time. at the moment he's not fully defined, but his personality is clear.
In silhouette he looks a lot like Harald. But he has bigger chest, flat hips and thinner limbs. Also he is 24 cm smaller than Harald, so his general proportions are different (now that I give a look to silhouette, they are different. Somethimes I see my character more alike than they really are, because later I can recognize them very easily from their silhouette) .
If you think a small framed man can't fight, well, see this:
Although he appears just once, I prefer to give a well defined look to characters that help the story to advance (I don't like when characters that talk once with protagonists are generic/approximate)
I didn't describled him again, I just talked about his (only)match.

Rotten (c) by Alice Sacco

Say hello (fuck you) to Gestapo

Gestapo is a tertiary character that appears just once in Rough Dream. As you can guess from his name, he play the role of a nostalgic nazifascist.
His look is inspired to Brock Lesnar's look, and I will define this character better with time. He should look stupid but also scary.
Although he appears just once, I prefer to give a well defined look to characters that help the story to advance (I don't like when characters that talk once with protagonists are generic/approximate)
Words that describle him (from the second draft) - (*spoiler*) fought against an opponent as big as Olav... maybe even bigger, due to massive steroid use.

Gestapo (c) by Alice Sacco

mercoledì 17 luglio 2013

Special/only for the blog - Hvorfor alltid meg?

A unhappy Olav, sketched in few second. I wonder why I can't always sketch like that (Yea, yeah, I know there is still room of improvement, but this is the best I can do at the moment - when I sketch.

Daily 12 - Waiting Room

I wanted to practice on lineart, but I think is better to improve on skectching now.
I sketch 4 times faster than 10 days ago, but I need to become faster on sketching, So I will have more time to make my sketches precise, then I can do better lineart (this drawing lacks of precision)
Also, I want to avoid screentones. Rather I want to do a black and white comic with clean lineart.

This scene happens at the start of chapter 15. I choose the less interesting part (the moment is important, but this scene doesn't reveal a lot).

Talking about useless information, I have problems to define Brian's dressing style. In this scene he is almost 23, so he can't have a extreme look anymore. My brother suggest to look for glam rock, because that style fits Brian. At the moment I didn't cheeked.

Olav loves soft and comfortable clothes. Even if he is 6.8 feet tall (Using american measurement without understanding them - I know that is 2.07 m), he can find clothes that are a bit larger than him. 

Bjørn instead likes to wear almost formal clothes, and if not formal, he likes to dress well (unless he doesn't fish)

Brian Brushes, Olav Sørensen and Bjørn Tennfjord are (c) by Alice Sacco

That's not daily sketch anymore. But at least now I'm trying to finish every drawing, instead to practice only. I need to learn to draw more like a comic artist, and to forget about colours and filters for a while.

Daily 11 - Murray

This man is crazy

- Just ONE HOUR -
At the start my skecches took 4+ hours. I'm getting faster now.

Chris Murray (c) by Alice Sacco

PS - I start to love this character!!!

Daily 9 - Figure 4 leg lock

Figure 4 Leg Lock is one of the finishers Bjørn uses.

Bjørn Tennfjord and Harald Næss are (c) by Alice Sacco
As always WWE references used.

Harald needs a deeper analyzis. Is one of the most important characters from RD

sabato 13 luglio 2013

That's why I'm not an artist

Because 'artist' is became a label that doesn't fit with my personality.

I saw many artists being unpolite just because 'a true artist is not a hypocrite, is completely honest, and good manners don't belong to true artist'. I don't know why they absolutely need to be so unpolite to the point to look artificial and to state so often that 'they aren't hypocrite'. If they aren't hypocrite, people will see this, without the need to scream to the world tha they aren't that way. Is a problem if a creative person is well-mannered? Is a problem if a creative person wear ordinary chlotes? No

Also, artists claim to be left winged (or far left) just because of the romantic view the left wing represented... 40 years ago. Labels like 'liberal' are used out-of contest (how they can claim a drawing stile is liberal or conservative? I always called drawing style 'experimental' or 'classic'), and for those artist liberal does means good and conservative does means evil. Those artist are so open minded at the point of intolerance toward who doesn't think like them. Now hate me, liberal artist!

Artists (in the label) claim to they have duty to change the world. So they create stories and characters with the only aim to say what they think (the same things they write in their blog). So we always have one of their character (usually their favorite) with the role of being the spokesman of the author. In the story, is always found the occasion to show the wise spokesman character to tell all values of the artist. And to me it looks forced. I pay attention to avoid that some of my character may speak my mind. Some may have my values, some are different than me, but the aim of my stories is not to shove my ideals down of the throat of my readers, but to talk about experiences everybody will have. But I'm a evil conservative.

Misanthropy is also a must. Artist are the best and misunderstood good human being among the evil beasts. They are so good, superior and their fellow humans are so evil, they fell to be victim of the world, while nobody other than their (inferior) friends care about them and what they think. 
I don't hate humans, why I should? I may don't understand some things about people like 'why they don't say things directly' (and this has nothing to do with being unpolite), or more simply 'Why they aren't honest with therisleves?'
But from here to HATE humans the road is long... very long.

Modesty, misunderstood with self flagellation mixed with high horse. Many artist say that their work sucks, that they aren't good at all. They fell jealous of characters that are created by other people, and when they see an artist that is better than them, they start to cry 'I'm not worth, I suck, I'm an incompetent' et simila'.
At the same time, they claim how great their knowledges are, they criticise harsly very good artist, claiming they can't draw (one of those artists that 'can't draw' worked very well with story telling, facial expressions, dinamism, shots and perspective, at the point I called him 'genius').
Now few words about modesty, or the term itself: As modesty, I mean understanding that there is always room of improvement and we should be always ready to improve, without being jealous of who is better than us, instead we should be inspired by them. Claiming 'I suck' or 'my character sucks' is not modesty. If your character really suck, is because they have to be re-thought and re-drawn from zero.

I'm not a real artist because I try to be polite (sometimes I fail and I don't notice it if someone doesn't make me notice this).
I don't fell the need to scream to the world that 'I'm not a hypocrite'. If i'm really not a hypocrite, people will understand that without the need to claim that.
I never hide the fact that I'm right-winged conservative, pro Israel, but also pro-gay rights. Political views have nothing to do with the ability to create something. They are part of our own values and our experiences.
The duty to change the world is also meaningless. Is a big utopia that follows the words of the song 'imagine' ('70's), instead is better to be more realistic and to improve what is around us instead to wishing for a unique country, unique language, unique culture (what a sad world).
My character don't represent me and don't speak my mind. Some have total different value than me, all are imperfect (I try my best to make them imperfect) but the protagonist must have the best qualities because of his role in the story (and that's normal). And then I don't believe in misanthropy. How I can think that I'm good and the other are evil? Nobody did something bad against me (Ok, except bullies, but I don't care anymore).
Also I had the phase where i though 'my drawings sucks' ecc ecc... Looking back I think is true that my old drawings sucks, so what? Now I try to improve at drawing, and i try to get inspired from artist that are better than me and that I like (in unfortunate I don't like all artists that are better than me).

Another thing that don't make me a real artist is my approach to creation. Whatever are my choices in stories, characters or drawings, I need to think why I draw that way, why i write that thing and why my character act this way. Even if I start with a idea I like, then I need that my ideas make sense. My characters don't write the story, I write the story of my characters, and this doesn't make me a real creative person. 
I have my drawing style and there are reason behind my choices. I may post something about that later

giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Daily 8 - Axe Guillotine Driver and..

So finally I drew Olav performing 'Shoulder Back to Belly Piledriver' finisher, that, in RD, is his finisher ( Is well known as 'Axe Guillotine Driver' but, I think Olav will call it 'Arctic Sea Piledriver' )
The other is Olav injured (based on a picture of the Undertaker).

Olav Sørensen (c) by Alice Sacco

I love this character. Despite being the so caled 'dark and handsome' (in general i don't like 'dark and handsome' characters. Anyway Olav is just 'dark', not handsome, I think he is rather ugly), is extremely easy to move and has a great range of facial expression.

For example (he changes because is drawn in different periods - also sorry if I fail to recognize facial expressions)
Melancholy (I think)

Happy (I love his happy expression)

Serious (But I can't see his eyes)

Ready to fight (for long I though he has creepy face)

Very very sad (But you can't see him this way very easily)


Also I think he has a nice smile (in those rare moments where he smiles)

mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Daily 8 - Fat wrestler / News about RtYS (the twin series)

I wonder if doing daily sketches will really help.
Fat people are hard to draw

Andreas Brushes (c) by Alice Sacco

Also, I mentioned this serie 
more han a year ago.
There are news:
Character design of all characters was set to default and now I'm re-working on design. 
The old character design you know is officially canceled.

Now I'm studying the new character design of the twins. At the moment I can't even show the new character design, because it contains spoiler (Yes! the look of the Twins is strictly related to the new plot), but I think they're far better looking than before! :3

On the Other hand, I may show, in future, the new character design of Daniel, Claudiu and Matteo. their character design don't reveal bits of the story.

If you fell to draw Alice and Elena, you may use their old character design. Their colours are still valid.

martedì 9 luglio 2013

Daily 7 - Forakter motstanderen

I should draw Harald more.
Is not a character I like. I need to learn to appreciate him while working to the third draft, to enter in his mind and to understand his feelings.
At the moment I'm starting to appreciate more Chris.

Maybe I should do the first sketch by hand? I'm faster when I draw traditionally.

Harald Næss and Bjørn Tennfjord (c) by Alice Sacco

lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Daily 6

This was more funny to draw, and...

Brian has a new, original icon, in place of the word 'WAR', that was more related on a past and now discarded project.

Yeah, is inspired to 'V for Vendetta' icon, even if I do not agree with anarchist values. But at least it looks more familiar.
Also it should remember a ram head (his name is white ram)

Daily 5

I hadn't time to do something complex

giovedì 4 luglio 2013

Daily 4 - Å i Lofoten, paradise

The name of today was Bjørn.
So, Harald Næss will be the last, then another cycle...

I was getting tired soon of the thick lineart, I don+t like it very much. So today I tried a thinner and cleaner lineart.
I need to learn to avoid screentones. My drawing should look interesting without colours and screens, but at the moment I will work more on lineart.

Bjørn (c) by AliceSacco

mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

Daily 3 - Biker Andreas Brushes

Andreas Brushes, Brian's father.
I don't draw him very much. He is a extremely calm character and is quite static when he acts. Is not only because of his size.
Draw so fat characters is difficult.

But as i said I need to learn to draw decently in little time.

(c) by AliceSacco

Tomorrow I will change the way to do the lineart. I like thick lineart less and less.

martedì 2 luglio 2013

Daily 2 - Vodka Belt

The second name I estracted was Olav.

The bald guy is the protagonist of strip comics about wrestling, and he is also named Olav, but since he is Russian (and a nostalgic communist, as you can guess from the symbol on his t-shirt), his name is probably pronunced in different way. His author is James Hornsby (here and here )

It was a while I wanted to draw those two guys togheter, because they share the name and live in the 'Vodka Belt', and I took this occasion today

Olav Sørensen (c) Alice Sacco
Olav Orlav (c) James Hornsby

PS - Olav Sørensen's name in english should sound like OOH-lahwv.
While I was in Norway I heard that name with my ears. It sounds so cute!!!

I don't know russiuan pronunciation - sorry.

lunedì 1 luglio 2013

I try daily sketch

Now that I have completed all the main character of the story, I will attempt the daily sketch challenge.
I will try to give the right space to every single character.
At the same time I'll practice on the lineart and I'll try to learn to draw faster
I estract one name at day, and today was Brian's turn

So I start with something that show friendship between Brian and Chris.

I didn't like Chris when I started to draw him, but now he is becoming alive, and I appreciate him more.
(c) by AliceSacco

domenica 16 giugno 2013

Self advertisement

I need to advertise myself, to be more popular. The problem is that I don't know how to do it.
I don't want to be annoying to unknown people.
The problem is that I can't reveal details about my comic, or more than I told about characters.
But I want people being interested on my project, even if I plain to pubblish RD in two years (i hope so)
Rough Dream Deviant Page

martedì 11 giugno 2013

If you are ambidextrous...

There is no need to practice on certain things always with both hands.
You can train with just one hand, the other will automatically learn too.

lunedì 10 giugno 2013

That's a lot of work

In those days I never wrote. I worked on drawing style and character design, to see Black and White scheme. Is a way to use screentones correctly when I will do the comic.
Is a lot I don't write. I want to finish the third draft :(

venerdì 7 giugno 2013

I copy this adding my consideration, but I also make pubblicity here.

Killing your story: 8 guaranteed ways to wreck your writing

There are so many ways not to write your novel. You don't consciously not want to write – you do want to, you long to, you want to write productively and to finish your projects, and yet you have ideas, bits and pieces, starts without endings, and nothing completed. The intention is there, the backside on the desk chair might even be there, but the writing isn't there.
I think the main problem is having the end in mind, or it may be the story is too young. I think stories need maturation before you start to write something.
Writing doesn't happen if, on some level, you don't want to write. Why wouldn't you want to write? Fear of producing work that is less good than you hoped, or committing yourself to work that will take years to finish, or wanting to avoid disappointment and rejection and frustration, or an unwillingness to defer your pleasures, or, to be blunt, wanting all the wonder of accomplishment and success without having to do the work first.
We all have ways of subverting our novels. The most obvious one is never actually to write. I know wannabe writers who haven't sat down at a desk for years. They are 'still thinking' or 'still planning'. Yeah, sure. There are more subtle ways of achieving nothing, and they all involve putting your writing second. Here are some of the popular ones. If you identify one or more in your own writing life, you can choose to deal with it. Or at least know the exact reason why you'll never be in print.

1. Your day job
News flash: we all work. If you haven't yet been published, you aren't living off your huge advances (and, even if you have been published, only 0.01% of you have advances big enough to live on), and that means your days are taken up with work, paid or not.
Your job comes first, because that's how you put pizza on the table and a ceiling over your head. You come home tired. Maybe you put in extra hours. Maybe your shifts mess up your days. Your head is filled with buzz or stress. You tell yourself that you need to chill, need to wind down. You just can't write tonight. Or you have those accounts to review and here's an evening you could do it in. You'll write tomorrow.
When you're at work, your work comes first. But you still sleep and eat, do chores, and have a life outside work. So you have the hours to give to writing. Nobody is stopping you. Your boss isn't coming into your home and stamping on your fingers. Your colleagues or customers aren't driving nails up through your desk chair. You can sit down and write. Every other beginner writer is facing what you're facing. You aren't specially cursed with an especially awful or demanding job. You can find the time. You can learn to put work and the stress of work aside for 90 or 120 minutes a day. You can write in those minutes. Nobody is 'making' you not write. Except you.
Give your boss your best effort and commitment, and then give your writing your best effort and commitment. Every other successful writer has done this. You can do it. So do it.
More easily: You aren't really interested in writing.

2. Writus interruptus
You write, you write all the time. Well, maybe not every day, but regularly. And yet you don't seem to be getting anything done.
Writing is a daily chore. I mean daily. Not weekly, not every so often, when you're in the mood. I mean every morning or every evening. Weekends included. Vacations and holidays included. Forces outside your control will occasionally de-rail you: an illness, a catastrophe, but these need to be big to be surrendered to without shame. A cold is not serious enough to stop you writing. Pneumonia is. Outside commitments might require you to reschedule your writing: to drive the kids to school or to attend your spouse's office party, but these aren't permission to abandon writing for that day. They're permission to do it at a different time, say 5.00am-6.30am instead of 6.30am-8.00am.
You have to write every day to keep continuity of thought. A novel has a lot going on in it and you have plenty of plates to juggle. You can't expect the plates to suspend themselves in the air while you watch a DVD or go visit your folks. They don't, they crash, and you spend the next session at your writing desk trying to recoup, remember and recover.
Writing, like any other serious, skilled endeavour, requires constant practice. You get better by the doing it. Skipping days or weeks makes you lose fitness. When next at your desk, you puff and blow and pull mental muscles instead of performing your writing at peak condition. This makes the writing harder and what you write worse. Writing for publication is a discipline, not a hobby. It can't be put aside with impunity because something else seemed a little more interesting to you. It will suffer.
Form the resolve to write every day and then do it. This is part of becoming a real writer. Your reward is not only a completed writing project, but also the satisfaction of having kept your resolve. There's another reward: your writing becomes better. Writing becomes exhilarating. You almost literally get high on it. It's what makes that resolve continually easier to keep.
I do not agree with that.

3. Writing the wrong book
If you find yourself stalling rather than writing, it might be because you aren't writing a story that interests you. If you're grimly pushing out sentences, wishing you were anywhere else but at your desk, then you are either one of those geniuses who write masterpieces through torment, or else you're writing a book you don't want to write. Speaking statistically, guess which one you more likely are.
A good story grips you. A story that isn't congenial to you has you putting a gun to your own head to make yourself write the next paragraph. Why are you doing it? Why are you writing something so wrong for you? Why are you irritating yourself and yet hoping, one day, people will want to spend money on this round peg being extruded from a square hole?
If you aren't so utterly consumed by your own story that you can't keep away from it, if you aren't in love with it, if it isn't taking up your attention night and day, ask why. You should be flying, not groaning. Analyse your story. Why is it that you chose this of all stories to write about? Are you aspiring to intellectual fiction when inside you really want to write westerns? Is pride making you choose the wrong genre for you? Did you choose this subject because you felt it would be a 'proper' book? Or because a book like that did very well on the bestseller lists and you decided to write for the money? Except, of course, you aren't?
It's hard and unrewarding to write about something that doesn't interest you. So stop. Find a story that does. Nobody is looking for a book that the author didn't enjoy writing.
This is the opposite of what often pro teach to beginners, starting to write from something you dislike/you are not interested in, then move on something you like. But this only slow your learning.

4. Telling your story before you've finished it
Have you told someone about the story you're writing?
Only my brother
Have you shared its plot with family or friends?
Have you let people read parts of it?
Have you discussed problems in its plot or its characters' motivations with a writing group?
Do you attend a writing group?
The point of writing is to tell a story. If you've already told it to someone before you've put it on paper (or screen), you're killing it. Maybe only a bit, but each time you do, more life-blood drains from it.
The story is already written and I saved several files.
I can proudly claim to have killed not only a book but ten years of my life in this easy way. I described the story to a friend and for the next decade tried to inject interest and urgency into what I had already thoroughly told. One day I recognised what I had done and quietly laid it aside. Retrospect is the least fun of perspectives.
Nothing serious. Usually those storiues are never good, fror this you fell to tell them around. You need confirmation that they are good stories
Don't talk about what you are writing. Ever. Not until it is done to the point of sending it to an agent or publisher, or until you are at the point of giving it to your one trusted intelligent reader-friend (don't tell them about it, just hand it over, and then listen to their feedback).
Yeah, is exactly what I did with my brother. I still avoid to tell the story in details.
If people ask you 'what's your book about?' tell them 'a thriller', 'a young-adult novel', or 'I'm sorry, I don't discuss my work in progress' – and then don't. You don't have to satisfy their curiosity. They're interested for a nano-second, but your book dies forever.
Even if I say 'Is about wrestling' and I show character design, it doesn't means they know the story.
You'll notice I've included writing groups. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of these. Talking about writing isn't writing. If you can't write unless you have a group to motivate or support you, then you have more issues than not being able to commit to a book.
I've found that writing done for a writing group is shaped for that experience, becomes something fit to be read out or circulated, something altered by an anticipated performance. It turns a book into a serial drama that is not about the book itself, but about you, your thoughts, your hopes, what you want it to be.
Shut up, write by yourself, for yourself, to your own standard, and become your own editor and critic. Don't release it into the world until you know it's ready. Don't share a dish not yet cooked.
If you want to tell a story, tell it and get instant gratification, or write it and reap long-term satisfaction. You can't do both.

5: Your social life
Marge Piercy says of writing: "You have to like it better than being loved." You're a writer first or you aren't a writer. Writing comes before all. Hard? Yes. Necessary? Yes.
I'm not saying that you have to become a loveless recluse. I am saying that you mustn't always put loved ones first. You can't, if you want to get any writing done.
If you haven't always been writing and then you start a writing life, your family and your friends will assuredly not like being demoted. They'll start by indulging you but, as you persist, they will resent it. You've introduced a new thing into their lives, a rival for their affection and attention. They don't have to be nice about it, and often won't be. They'll try to distract you or tempt you away from your desk. You can give in and please them, or you can stiffen your spine and do the work you think necessary for your own life. They'll get over it or they won't. If someone doesn't 'get it', then they aren't someone who should be in your life. You are a writer. It's who you are. It's what you do. They have to take you on your terms.
Remember that, when you put your writing first, you get the reward of writing. Your friends and family get nothing. They don't care as much, or even at all, about your creative work, not even that person who adores you (she or he tolerates it and supports you because they love you, but let's not get big-headed; it's no more than that. Even though that is wonderful.) They have no dog in your fight. Don't expect them to make more sacrifices than you do for your sake. Choose these sacrifices yourself (give up watching the game, or gardening) rather than asking others to make big changes in their lives for you. Try to minimise the impact of your writing on them. But write.
There will be times you stand at the door of your study (or wherever you write) with a heavy heart, knowing that someone yearns for your company, that you long for theirs, and yet you still must close the door on them. It's tough. You might find family relationships strained and your friends giving up on you. You can work on the percentages ("I'll have 23% less time for my son, but he'll still get 77%, which means I won't have all my free time for my writing, but I'll have more than none, and I can live with that balance.") but what you can't do is give 100% of your time to the people in your life.
Books don't write themselves. They take a lot of time. But so do a lot of voluntary things. Nobody raises an eyebrow when an aspiring marathoner spends two hours a day jogging, even if it takes time away from a partner and children. You already take time from your friends and loved ones to do things: chores, hobbies. You have to do the same with your writing, if you want to be a writer. And then, when you have that precious time, you must write. No playing solitaire or reading blogs. If your loved ones are losing your company, and you're losing good times with them, at least ennoble the loss by actually writing.

6: Indulging in advance marketing
I'm always astonished at the number of beginning writers who don't have a finished first draft, but do have the blurb for the cover their paperback already written. Planning your publicity is always fun. But thinking about your fame ("what will I say on 'Ellen' if she asks about...?") isn't doing writing, it's dressing up in the clothes of a professional writer when you haven't earned them.
Yeah, I did, but now I find it boring. I will do marketing (maybe) before starting the comic.
If we didn't think we'd gain fame and money from our writing we couldn't keep going. Those serious about their work curtail the make-believe, don't indulge themselves writing jacket cover text ("This hilarious first-person story will keep you laughing from the first page to the last"), but instead, write.
Included in the fun stuff of advance marketing is drafting your synopsis before you've finished your book, and by 'finished' I mean re-written to the point that you can find no more ways to improve it. I've gone into detail about the synopsis (see The synopsis: what it is, what it isn't), but let me repeat here: if you are writing a synopsis at any point before you're about to put a stamp on an envelope containing your query letter, you're writing it too soon, and you are displacing the real writing.
Save your synopsis and query letter for the time when your book is done, when it is ready for an agent's or a publisher's eyes. Write these then and only then. Here and now, when your book isn't done, you must concentrate on it and it alone.
Writing your synopsis, your query letter, your jacket blurb, your future reviews, is goofing off, not writing. They are contributing nothing to your story. You might as well be playing solitaire. At least that's honest procrastination.

7: Background research
If you're writing a story that needs information, be it historical details, technical data, geographical accuracy, or some other special knowledge, you can spend many happy, happy hours doing the research and hardly any minutes doing the actual writing. Some of you have chosen to write a story that needs research because you love the research. Don't love it so much that the story dies of neglect while you become the world's expert on nuclear-powered submarines. If you love it that much, write a non-fiction book.
The lust for accuracy can impede your novel over and over again while it's in progress. If you've spent an hour finding an historical photo confirming the layout of a harbour long since altered in a city you've half-fictionalised, just so you know if the protagonist has to run down a pier or jump into a tender, you have to remind yourself that what you are writing is FICTION, you're allowed to make it up, and you need to stop going a little nuts and get back to the story. That telling detail is unimportant if it is not absolutely required as an element in the on-going conflict.
Don't fool yourself that "it's all part of the writing". Writing is part of the writing. Writing is writing. If you didn't do a single scrap of research, if you made everything up, including your nuclear-powered submarine, you could still produce a crackingly good book.
I do not agree with that, there are always people that know about certain topics. And there are also people that do researches to see if what you wrote is right.
All those hours at your desk have to produce a novel. If they've produced research notes, congratulations: you've created a database.

8: Reading writing advice
What are you doing here?!? Get back to work!!
There's a time to learn, and there's a time to do. There's a time to seek advice, and a time to put it into practice. If you have a novel started, you're no longer at the learning or seeking stage. You're at the writing stage. If you sat down at your PC or laptop today and googled 'writing advice' when you should have been writing, then you're not actually writing a story, you're messing around. Your story's dying and you're pretending that you're doing something productive.
When should you read articles such as this fine one right here? When you aren't actually writing a book. If you're learning and writing at the same time, the book you're working on is a practice run. That's OK, but remember that it's practice and not going to be published. It won't be published because it's a student piece. When you've stopped teaching yourself, you'll write seriously. That doesn't mean you won't continue to seek out good advice. We learn how to write our whole lives. Finally, however, the real learning comes from actually writing, for writing teaches you how you write.
Hunting up writing advice in your writing time is displacement, with a thin lie of 'I'm learning my craft' smeared on top. If you meant to write something in this hour and now you're here reading this, get off-line and back to it.
I don't agree

To sum up
These eight guaranteed wreckers of writing are lurking in all our lives. They'll get on top of you from time to time despite your strongest commitment. We are but human. You aren't a bad writer because you sometimes struggle and fail to resist temptation. You will be a bad writer, in fact, you won't be a writer at all, if you keep giving into it.
There are so many things out there ready to kill your story. Don't let one of them be you.
Copyright Caro Clarke

domenica 26 maggio 2013

The problem with Italian aspiring comic artist...

Thinking about that, sometimes i don't know if I should take an art-name.
My first name (Alice) is German, my surname (Sacco) is Italian but is common in U.S.A. too.

Why I say this? I noticed that when Italian aspire to become comic artist, they always point to write complex stories that only highly-educated people may understand. In those stories, a bit (just a bit?) of left-wing point of view is forced in (as if a real artist is obligated to be left winged, while creativity is an innate human ability that has nothing to do with your political view). Many times protagonists are part of social center and a gay, a disable or a black person is always forced there.

I don't want that people except from me a, intellectualoid comic just because I'm italian.

I have to admit that in RD there is a disable (Brian with his severe dyslexia) and a gay (I can't say who he is yet), but the story is not focused on those things. Those things are shown just as part of characters and help to advance the plot, but they aren't part of the message I want to send.

But what I see in Italian comics, often the protagonist is a far-left rebellious girl that does stupid things (smoke pot, not respecting polices, teachers etc... writing graffiti), just to show how far left wing or anarchist she is (why she is always a female?). When a character does those things... why he/she smoke pot? Why he/she doesn't respect authorities? Those character need a motivation behind their behaviour, and to me is noticeable that the only motivation is showing how anarchist they are.

(I know that anarchism and far left-wing are two different things, but often they are put together)

I think to show a good characters with those ideals, is important to not stick strictly in what anarchy and left-wing are.
To make a real life example, I'm a right-winged (and truly on the right-side of the spectrum, so you may have a overall idea about my points of view), but I believe that gays should have the right to marry and to adopt children. And this one is a left-wing point of view.

So, a believable anarchist may be against drugs, because he may have had a bad experience by seeing someone dying due to drugs, or even without being so extreme, he may have had a brother that did drugs and he saw him struggle to get out from the addiction... or more simple, he may be scared by drugs (You can find a lot of motivation).
Maybe a far-left character may be religious and like to read Gospel ... there are a lot of real life left-winged people that are religious.

Remember that not even Hitler and Mussolini fit perfectly in the far right ideology.

Italian are obsessed to appear highly intelligent, rebellious or whatever. The 'rebel era' was the late 60s and 70s, and it was not only an Italian thing. Italians may tell the story they really fell to tell, instead it seems that their story must be highly complicated (they may answer: if you can't understand my story, is because you are shallow).

I think a story should be true. As true I'm not talking about 'inspired to a real story'
I'm talking about being true with ourselves. I never understood when someone in Italy say 'a story should be honest' but maybe now I start to understand (if he does means what I just said).
If someone fell to tell a story about anarchy or whatever and really fell that this thing is part of himself... that's fine, he should do it, but if someone think he must do this only for the sake of other, is better that he takes a bit of time and think what really he wish, before writing.

Of course, on DA I found exception from this rule, and Italians can do good stories/good comics like everybody.

giovedì 23 maggio 2013

What does it means NOT being dyslexic

I'm not kidding. Brian, the protagonist of my story (Rough Dream) has severe dyslexia, and there are a lot of scenes where he does cope with it.
I live in a family where dyslexia runs. But I took instead Asperger syndrome and no dyslexia (my mum and my brother have mild dyslexia, my dad is colourblind).
To be honest, knowing that I will be able to read everything and whenever I want is comfortable, but now I need to know what it does means to have dyslexia.
I had no problem with imagining Olav's life with Alcohol (even if I never got drunk), but I can't imagine how dyslexia should work.
Letters are unsteady, swing, move around they say. How? I tried to search dyslexia simulators, and most of the time I still can read fluently.
I ask for help to dyslexic people, but even they have difficult to explain the phenomena.

I don't know if this is true.

martedì 14 maggio 2013

Why they can't be honest? Is just a little thing...

When I read that comic artists talk about their work, they talk like if they are totally shit, or they say: 'I'm not good at all!'.
Modesty is fine in certain works, but that's too much, especially when you are adult.Is true that there is always a room of improvement, and every artist should try to improve and improve, but why they tell lies about what they fell? (I say this because all interviews are the same 'i'm not good, my work suck', while they can say 'there is always a room of improvement in my works').

Other lies they tell is to those questions: 'What are your favourite characters (of yours)?'
They always answer that characters are like their babies and they can't choose. Why this? everybody has his favourite character, even more than one, but there is always a preference and a character you can hate.
Talking about design, I kile all of them (becuause I draw them in the way I want), but talking about preference, my favourite from Rough Dream are Olav (I love to draw him, even if his personality isn't the best in the world) and Brian (he is funny!!!). While I hate Harald, I enjoy to see him struggle.

In the other stories I have to define my characters, so I can't tell who are my favourites.

giovedì 2 maggio 2013

How to pronunce Roug Dream characters' names

I did a research to learn the IPA pronunciation of names of RD character.
I don't know if pronunciation is right, it was hard to find good resources, especially for Norwegian names. I may edit them if I will find some mistake.
Here how names of main characters are pronunced:

Brian Brushes
(IPA) ˈbraɪən brʌʃɨs

Olav Sørensen
(IPA) ulɑːʋ søːʁənsən

Harald Næss
(IPA) ˈhɑrɑl nes

Bjørn Tennfjord
(IPA) bjøːɳ 'ten’fjuːɾ

Andreas Brushes
(IPA) ænˈdreɪəs brʌʃɨs

Chris Murray
(IPA) kris ˈmʌrɪ

domenica 28 aprile 2013

Hei igjen

I add 'Søresnen' (like Olav) to my nickname because I felt like it. (my real last name is Sacco :P )
I had a fourth idea about a comic those days, but I need time to develop it. It talks about autism, and is titled 'Foggy Path'. But now I'm working more on Rough Dream and Remembering the Yellow Sky.

I found a comic about wrestling, the protagonist is named Olav XD. But he is not scandinavian

giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Let+s talk about Seal Kid

Seal Kid is a story I created when I started the first draft of Remembering the Yellow Sky (I think I will change that title, because RtYS is mainly about the protagonists). Like RtYS. SK is a sci-fi story. It talks about a young man (he looks a bit younger than his real age) with seal genes. Why this? You have to wait when the story will be released. At the moment I wrote a short plotline, but I think the story needs a better developement, so,for now I will work on Rough Dream and later on RtYS.

lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Ashita no Joe may inspire me for Rough Dream.

Apart from the little title changement (someone said that 'rough dream' in singular carry the message better).
While reading 'Ashita no Joe', even if the story is different, the two protagonists (Joe and Dampei) remember me Brian and Olav. What they live, the emotions they fell, their relationship, some experiences are a bit similar to what my character live. The story itself has some element that make me think they have some similarities.

Now, characters live in different timeline and different environment. While Joe is an orphan and lives in the downtown in '60s Japan, Brian is a spoiled dyslexic kid that live in the  early XXI century U.S.A. They both are immature, loud, hot-headed and stubborn. Brian is more sociable. During their journey they both experience mourning and loneliness  but they face their problem in a different way. Is a bit stupid to compare a street kid from XX century Japan with a spoiled kid from XXI century America, but I think Brian suffered too, having divorced parents, a learning disability(having a disability, especially as bad as Brian, is not that great) and an overprotective dad that is unable to understand him fully.

Dampei and Olav are more different, but I think they may be a bit similar, probably because they both have problem with alchohol and they are basically pessimistic. The difference is still the enviroment, Dampei is an old, unsuccessful boxer that live in the middle of the XX century in the downtown, in Tokyo. Olav is a man in his late 30's that grew up in the nice Tromsø town and is a successfull wrestler but he went through hardship. From what I understood, Dampei is rather outspoken. Olav is often quiet (unless he is in the ring) and shy with extraneous.

Ashita no Joe is a great comic. Is stupid to compare what I'm writing with something great, I just recognized some things that I think they're similar. Of course the story is different.
I hope my story will be at least good. I can't talk about other details, it vould be spoiler.

The trip was a success :D I wanted to stay in Tromsø!

From my DeviantART account, March 1st, 2013 
I will visit it again! That's sure!

 Next days I will update this journal and I will post some photo!

 Let's talk about Tromsø.
The city is beautiful. Is a big city (about 60.000 inhabitants) but the style is of a little town. My parents called it 'little town'.
I visited the Polaria museum, the Ishavskatedralen (beautiful), another museum (I can't remember the name), a couple of little churches (one was catholic). And a Sami hut.
The northern lights... unfortunately they didn't show, or they were too weak to be spectacular. On Tuesday I saw a green glow in a little hole in the clouds (it was cloudy) and yesterday in the morning (when it was still dark), I saw a turquoise glow in the north, but I didn't see a real northern light.
The bridge that connect Tromsøya with the part of the city where the Ishavskatedralen was built is very long. It takes 20 minutes to reach the other part by foot.
About the food. I wanted to try norwegian food, but, except for the sami cuisine, I wasn't that happy. I didn't wanted to behave like a snobbish italian that believes that italian food is great, but I had to.
Before flying to Norway, I was afraid to take the airplane. Instead it wasn't that bad.

 - Now I found new motivations to study Norwegian! -

domenica 24 febbraio 2013

Snow, rain...

NO northern Lights
NO way to go around Tromsø, because it start to look like VENICE

I'm playing Saints Row the Third. Is the best game when you fell sad/upset.

We'll see on March 1th

giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

Olav is cheerful

Olav, one of the main character of Rough Dreams is Norwegian (is more clear by looking to his surname - Sørensen), and he is from Tromsø (the city I'm going to visit)
Now, I don't know if I already told here that my drawings don't reflect my mood. If I draw something sad, doesn't means I'm sad, same is if I draw something cheerful (like in this case), doesn't means I'm happy. I was upset because I can't see the northern lights.

Now, talking about Olav, he is usually a gloomy character, even when drunk (and is unfortunate that he is an alcoholist ). Plus I enjoy to make my character suffer and Olav suffers badly in RD.
So I drew him laughing at me, because I will be unable to see the NL. (He's not that childish, but, when an author make his character suffer, the character ends to hate his author and to enjoy author's misfortunes)

mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

So, I wanted to go in Norway to see the northern lights

And I'll will be able to see only this:
Since is also windy, I even wonder if airplanes will leave Oslo (I have no interests in Oslo)

sabato 16 febbraio 2013

Harald start to gain life

I find hard to draw this character because I hate him (he hates Brian and I hate Harald), and also because at the start he had to be a good looking guy. Unfortunately, I am allergic to good-looking guys (I don't like them, they look without personality) and that was the problem with Harald (and with majority of good-looking characters). I also see characters that have too square face as cardboard characters. So I took a picture of a model that I found nice looking but with a particular face and I made Harald's face rounder and more irregular. Now I can't say anymore that Harald is a good looking guy, but at least he start to look like a COOL guy!

giovedì 14 febbraio 2013


Happy Valentine's (even if I'm single)
Smile Olav, smile, you will suffer badly in Rough Dreams! (I'm evil XD)
The green-haired character belongs to

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

I need to learn to draw well

I need it absoluteluy also because i plain to finish to write Rough Dreams next year (in the first part of the year) and I want to start to draw the comic in a decent way.

Small drawings are still difficult. I plain to fix details with colours here

And my failed attempt with screentones

sabato 9 febbraio 2013

Let's talk about voices

On deviant art there is a meme where you can imagine a voice for your original characters. Those are voices I chose for RD character.
Except for Olav, the other voices belong to italian dubbers. Maybe I will search for english/american dubbers, because no one of my OC (from RD) can speak italian (Brian and Andreas are american, Chris is english, Olav, Bjørn and Harald are norwegian). In this post there are some infos about characters.

BRIAN - Alberto Oliviero dubbed Piccolo in Dragon Ball. The way he spoke remembered me Brian Brushes. But it was about the year 2000/2004 (I drew Brian for first time in 2003) . Now that Rough Dreams and Brian's personality developed, I imagine Brian being loud and screaming a lot (example in the first chapter: 'FUUUCK! WHAT THE HELL IS WRITTEN HERE? I CAN'T READ A DAMN THING! Damn dyslexia!!!)
Here the voice

OLAV - I discovered Robin Atkin Downes while playing to Saints Row the Third, and is one of the voice you can choose for the Protagonist. I think is perfect for Olav (considering that the Protagonist of SR is a fully customizable character, I did Olav with Olav's voice :D) , maybe a bit of Scandinavian accent is required because Olav doesn't talk very much, he goes in Norway often and so his speech pattern is not changed. 
Also, don't you think that Robin looks a bit like Olav? (Red long hair, beard...) (acting, in the first part - Olav's style in the fifth chapter: 'Why? You don't know anything!' or 'Shut up! Not even you can walk!' )

BJØRN - Gianluca Iacono is the italian dubber of Vegeta. His voice is not very deep. When I imagine Bjørn talking, his voice sounds high pitched, even if he is a big man (he is almost 1,90 m), and his speech is quite musical. Living in Canada, his accent is a mild mixture between norwegian and french accent. I don't know why I imagine Bjørn's voice that way. I think is related to his submissive personality and his sexuality. (about 3:00. 'So you went back to fight? I never heard from you for a while and I was worried!')

CHRIS - Maybe because Chris is one of the latest character I developed (I plained to erase him from RD, later I discovered he is not only useful, he is absolutely necessary for the plot) , and because he is the shortest of the wrestlers, I tend to imagine him wiuth an old-style voice, similar to the male voices I listened in '80s cartoons. Chris is a character that, when frustrated or high, he scream and laugh. When sober he is quite calm. Before being a wrestler, he lived like a hippie and he still has this mindset. (about 1:00. 'Brian, I'm bored! Let's go to the LLF to watch some extreme wrestling!'

ANDREAS - Pietro Ubaldi is a popular italian dubber. He always dubbed funny or fat and old characters. Andreas is fat and middle-aged. when I imagine Andreas talking calmly to Brian, calling him 'Sonny', I hear Pietro's voice in the version when he dubbs more serious characters. Pietro ubaldi was the italian dubber of Sonic in Sonic SatAM and in AoStH. His voice didn't fit the character, in that case. ('Brian, sonny, I'm coming. Sit somewhere and wait!')

HARALD - Patrizio Prata is also a well known italian dubber. I think he is perfect for Harald, because his voice is nice to hear and give an idea of trust. Harald is very calm when he speaks, unless he is not upset. In this case he becomes mean, almost sadistic and his voice reflect that. Unlike Olav and Bjørn, that still talk like norwegians, Harald's accent is Texan, because he lives in Texas from years. Also, while Olav and Bjørn's first language is Bokmål, Harald's first language is Nynorsk. The three norwegians still can understand each other when they talk in their languages. ('Yeah I know! Often wrestlers have two motivation to go to LLF to see extreme matches!'

martedì 29 gennaio 2013

Practice on drawing style

(I got messages of failure from Blogspot?)
I'm practicing on drawing style, because I hope to be able to draw Rough Dreams next year.
I was criticized for my drawing style (is the first time in my life I see a critique about a drawing style rather than about a mistake).
Usually I follow critiques about mistakes I do in my drawing, but I can't cnange my style just because not everybody like it. I built my style because I think it can express myself better. Changing style does means that I can't express myself as I want anymore because it doesn't fit with my imagination. I think styles fit with imagination and with what artists want to show through their drawing. Coming back to my usual style was far better to me.

Now I'm practicin on inking and screen toning (But I haven't screentone pictures to show at the moment). I should practice on enviromets too :P

domenica 27 gennaio 2013


I overworked on this. I must learn to draw backgrounds, but I don't even know how (i try to use shapes etc...)

Fake screenshot

RD as animated serie. It would be nice (but I should think about that when I will finish the comnic, and I can't even draw very well at the moment)
To me an animated serie should have clear and simple drawings. I don't like very much the graphic of cartoons of today, they seems cold. I like the grapic of cartoon from '80s or ealry '90s, or old disney cartoons.

giovedì 24 gennaio 2013


Brian and Olav fighting.
In those days I'm reading a famous comic about boxe: Ashita no Joe. I think it can give me some ideas, because Joe and Dampei are a bit like Brian and Olav, the two protagonists of Rough Dreams. 

venerdì 18 gennaio 2013

Harald Næss

And now I study this bastard. Is the character that gave me more trouble because is a negative character from RD. And also, being inspired to Randy Orton doesn't help.

And why now I have to do copy/paste to use Norwegian character on blogger? I set the keyboars in Norwegian and this blog still has the keyboard setted in italian (italian ha s 6 special characters too - they should be 7)

domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Character sheets: Part 1

I started character sheets for Rough Dreams. They are useful to keep your character consistent. This is Brian Brushes, the protagonist. The character was based on a person I knew, which nick name was 'brush' (here the name) . His body type is based on Kurt Angle's. See also here:

The other character is Olav Sørensen. He is based on the Undertaker, and like him is a red-head.
Is hard to draw his hair.

venerdì 4 gennaio 2013

Oh God

Is hard XD
I just finished to write 'RtYS' and now I have a lot of work to do.
This summer I invented a new story called 'Seal Kid' (but probably I will change the title)
Is a story that has a lot of thematics that appear in RtYS, but the story itself is quite different. Clearly is sci-fi
Now I started the first chapter of SK, and I took back Rough Dreams. Also I need to re-create the character design of RtYS because I have clearer idea about the main characters. Something will change.
Writing is very hard to me because I never liked that very much and is still not my passion, but is necessary. I don't even know how I can do that XD.

Bjørn Tennfjord, one of the wrestlers in Rough Dreams.

giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

I still follow your blog

Just in anonymous way. I like to keep my privacy in what I follow.

(A sketch I did on Nintendo DS, where I find ideas and inspiration)