venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Rough Dream on hiatus for two years

What happened?
That after having wrote the second draft, and after one year of pause, when I went back to read that story, I could remember every single sentence, and I could not fix any mistake.
Re-reading now I see better all problem the story has. I think the most solid part is the ending (I believe a good ending is the most important part of a story).

My problem is also that in true, I never liked to write. when i was a child, I even used pictures instead of writing to create plotlines for my comics, and I'm doing the same with the third - or the fourth draft of Rough Dream (Really I wrote a 3rd draft like of RD during January using the Nordkapp as main characters)

At school, teachers told me I could write well, but I didn't liked the act of writing, before because I can't write for long by hand. Soon I lose hand motor skills, unless I don't write slowly, and I was punished for my bad handwriting (I've read once that is a symptom of a thing called dysgraphia, but people with dysgraphia are totally unable also to draw, while I, although imprecise, can draw quite anything I want).
I have no problem at reading. At school I could even read terrible handwriting of other (Now I can read only well written things, I'm spoiled by computer).

When I had computer first, I though I could finally start to write fluently. But I still don't fell comfortable with writing.