domenica 24 febbraio 2013

Snow, rain...

NO northern Lights
NO way to go around Tromsø, because it start to look like VENICE

I'm playing Saints Row the Third. Is the best game when you fell sad/upset.

We'll see on March 1th

giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

Olav is cheerful

Olav, one of the main character of Rough Dreams is Norwegian (is more clear by looking to his surname - Sørensen), and he is from Tromsø (the city I'm going to visit)
Now, I don't know if I already told here that my drawings don't reflect my mood. If I draw something sad, doesn't means I'm sad, same is if I draw something cheerful (like in this case), doesn't means I'm happy. I was upset because I can't see the northern lights.

Now, talking about Olav, he is usually a gloomy character, even when drunk (and is unfortunate that he is an alcoholist ). Plus I enjoy to make my character suffer and Olav suffers badly in RD.
So I drew him laughing at me, because I will be unable to see the NL. (He's not that childish, but, when an author make his character suffer, the character ends to hate his author and to enjoy author's misfortunes)

mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

So, I wanted to go in Norway to see the northern lights

And I'll will be able to see only this:
Since is also windy, I even wonder if airplanes will leave Oslo (I have no interests in Oslo)

sabato 16 febbraio 2013

Harald start to gain life

I find hard to draw this character because I hate him (he hates Brian and I hate Harald), and also because at the start he had to be a good looking guy. Unfortunately, I am allergic to good-looking guys (I don't like them, they look without personality) and that was the problem with Harald (and with majority of good-looking characters). I also see characters that have too square face as cardboard characters. So I took a picture of a model that I found nice looking but with a particular face and I made Harald's face rounder and more irregular. Now I can't say anymore that Harald is a good looking guy, but at least he start to look like a COOL guy!

giovedì 14 febbraio 2013


Happy Valentine's (even if I'm single)
Smile Olav, smile, you will suffer badly in Rough Dreams! (I'm evil XD)
The green-haired character belongs to

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

I need to learn to draw well

I need it absoluteluy also because i plain to finish to write Rough Dreams next year (in the first part of the year) and I want to start to draw the comic in a decent way.

Small drawings are still difficult. I plain to fix details with colours here

And my failed attempt with screentones

sabato 9 febbraio 2013

Let's talk about voices

On deviant art there is a meme where you can imagine a voice for your original characters. Those are voices I chose for RD character.
Except for Olav, the other voices belong to italian dubbers. Maybe I will search for english/american dubbers, because no one of my OC (from RD) can speak italian (Brian and Andreas are american, Chris is english, Olav, Bjørn and Harald are norwegian). In this post there are some infos about characters.

BRIAN - Alberto Oliviero dubbed Piccolo in Dragon Ball. The way he spoke remembered me Brian Brushes. But it was about the year 2000/2004 (I drew Brian for first time in 2003) . Now that Rough Dreams and Brian's personality developed, I imagine Brian being loud and screaming a lot (example in the first chapter: 'FUUUCK! WHAT THE HELL IS WRITTEN HERE? I CAN'T READ A DAMN THING! Damn dyslexia!!!)
Here the voice

OLAV - I discovered Robin Atkin Downes while playing to Saints Row the Third, and is one of the voice you can choose for the Protagonist. I think is perfect for Olav (considering that the Protagonist of SR is a fully customizable character, I did Olav with Olav's voice :D) , maybe a bit of Scandinavian accent is required because Olav doesn't talk very much, he goes in Norway often and so his speech pattern is not changed. 
Also, don't you think that Robin looks a bit like Olav? (Red long hair, beard...) (acting, in the first part - Olav's style in the fifth chapter: 'Why? You don't know anything!' or 'Shut up! Not even you can walk!' )

BJØRN - Gianluca Iacono is the italian dubber of Vegeta. His voice is not very deep. When I imagine Bjørn talking, his voice sounds high pitched, even if he is a big man (he is almost 1,90 m), and his speech is quite musical. Living in Canada, his accent is a mild mixture between norwegian and french accent. I don't know why I imagine Bjørn's voice that way. I think is related to his submissive personality and his sexuality. (about 3:00. 'So you went back to fight? I never heard from you for a while and I was worried!')

CHRIS - Maybe because Chris is one of the latest character I developed (I plained to erase him from RD, later I discovered he is not only useful, he is absolutely necessary for the plot) , and because he is the shortest of the wrestlers, I tend to imagine him wiuth an old-style voice, similar to the male voices I listened in '80s cartoons. Chris is a character that, when frustrated or high, he scream and laugh. When sober he is quite calm. Before being a wrestler, he lived like a hippie and he still has this mindset. (about 1:00. 'Brian, I'm bored! Let's go to the LLF to watch some extreme wrestling!'

ANDREAS - Pietro Ubaldi is a popular italian dubber. He always dubbed funny or fat and old characters. Andreas is fat and middle-aged. when I imagine Andreas talking calmly to Brian, calling him 'Sonny', I hear Pietro's voice in the version when he dubbs more serious characters. Pietro ubaldi was the italian dubber of Sonic in Sonic SatAM and in AoStH. His voice didn't fit the character, in that case. ('Brian, sonny, I'm coming. Sit somewhere and wait!')

HARALD - Patrizio Prata is also a well known italian dubber. I think he is perfect for Harald, because his voice is nice to hear and give an idea of trust. Harald is very calm when he speaks, unless he is not upset. In this case he becomes mean, almost sadistic and his voice reflect that. Unlike Olav and Bjørn, that still talk like norwegians, Harald's accent is Texan, because he lives in Texas from years. Also, while Olav and Bjørn's first language is Bokmål, Harald's first language is Nynorsk. The three norwegians still can understand each other when they talk in their languages. ('Yeah I know! Often wrestlers have two motivation to go to LLF to see extreme matches!'