giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Let+s talk about Seal Kid

Seal Kid is a story I created when I started the first draft of Remembering the Yellow Sky (I think I will change that title, because RtYS is mainly about the protagonists). Like RtYS. SK is a sci-fi story. It talks about a young man (he looks a bit younger than his real age) with seal genes. Why this? You have to wait when the story will be released. At the moment I wrote a short plotline, but I think the story needs a better developement, so,for now I will work on Rough Dream and later on RtYS.

lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Ashita no Joe may inspire me for Rough Dream.

Apart from the little title changement (someone said that 'rough dream' in singular carry the message better).
While reading 'Ashita no Joe', even if the story is different, the two protagonists (Joe and Dampei) remember me Brian and Olav. What they live, the emotions they fell, their relationship, some experiences are a bit similar to what my character live. The story itself has some element that make me think they have some similarities.

Now, characters live in different timeline and different environment. While Joe is an orphan and lives in the downtown in '60s Japan, Brian is a spoiled dyslexic kid that live in the  early XXI century U.S.A. They both are immature, loud, hot-headed and stubborn. Brian is more sociable. During their journey they both experience mourning and loneliness  but they face their problem in a different way. Is a bit stupid to compare a street kid from XX century Japan with a spoiled kid from XXI century America, but I think Brian suffered too, having divorced parents, a learning disability(having a disability, especially as bad as Brian, is not that great) and an overprotective dad that is unable to understand him fully.

Dampei and Olav are more different, but I think they may be a bit similar, probably because they both have problem with alchohol and they are basically pessimistic. The difference is still the enviroment, Dampei is an old, unsuccessful boxer that live in the middle of the XX century in the downtown, in Tokyo. Olav is a man in his late 30's that grew up in the nice Tromsø town and is a successfull wrestler but he went through hardship. From what I understood, Dampei is rather outspoken. Olav is often quiet (unless he is in the ring) and shy with extraneous.

Ashita no Joe is a great comic. Is stupid to compare what I'm writing with something great, I just recognized some things that I think they're similar. Of course the story is different.
I hope my story will be at least good. I can't talk about other details, it vould be spoiler.

The trip was a success :D I wanted to stay in Tromsø!

From my DeviantART account, March 1st, 2013 
I will visit it again! That's sure!

 Next days I will update this journal and I will post some photo!

 Let's talk about Tromsø.
The city is beautiful. Is a big city (about 60.000 inhabitants) but the style is of a little town. My parents called it 'little town'.
I visited the Polaria museum, the Ishavskatedralen (beautiful), another museum (I can't remember the name), a couple of little churches (one was catholic). And a Sami hut.
The northern lights... unfortunately they didn't show, or they were too weak to be spectacular. On Tuesday I saw a green glow in a little hole in the clouds (it was cloudy) and yesterday in the morning (when it was still dark), I saw a turquoise glow in the north, but I didn't see a real northern light.
The bridge that connect Tromsøya with the part of the city where the Ishavskatedralen was built is very long. It takes 20 minutes to reach the other part by foot.
About the food. I wanted to try norwegian food, but, except for the sami cuisine, I wasn't that happy. I didn't wanted to behave like a snobbish italian that believes that italian food is great, but I had to.
Before flying to Norway, I was afraid to take the airplane. Instead it wasn't that bad.

 - Now I found new motivations to study Norwegian! -