giovedì 26 aprile 2012

My brother should stop!

After some time he asked to me about when i will officially publish my comics. 
I'm not ready, my stories aren't ready and he talk without even know what talking about (and he believes to know). I haven't the talent to realize my dreams and he can't see that. I wish he stops to care! 

venerdì 20 aprile 2012

Saints Row III update NOOOOOOO!

Since i have bad internet connection (from this summer, i don't know why), after having downloaded SRTT from Steam i created my OC, I uploaded him on SR community and after 7 hours i started to play offline. Yesterday i decided to return online to save my total of 36 hour ingame, and Steam started an update of 3700 MB. WHYYYYY, i'm only at 20%. I must hope in increasing of fastness of my connection, at the moment is 6 Kb/s, somethimes it reach 500 Kb/s (only on Steam). I wanted to play to SRTT :(

martedì 17 aprile 2012

Brian Brushes, Bérard Meunier

I tried to make Bérard more human, i based his features on Giant Gonzales and black people (Bérard is a giant and is a black, 'highclass' french), and his body on André the Giant (another giant wrestler, and french aswell).
I don't know if he looks like someone with gigantism, also i never saw a black giant (i saw many whites, hispanic and asians giants, but never saw a black giant) so i tried to enphatize cheecks and chin proportions based on Giant Gonzales's face(usually giants have very huge cheecks and chin), and i tried to draw tipical african eyes and nose. Maybe now he isn't ugly as he was before, but at least he looks more realistic as human being.

giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Rough Dreams spilt in two stories?

I have 5 charpter left.
But yesterday i took the plot and i cut what i though it would be useless.
The thing i discovered is that Rough Dreams can be split in two stories. The only thing that can keep the stories togheter is the character of Mrs Granny (never talked about her) and in minor part La Scimmia. But i can easily divide the story in

Srory 1 - Brian, Andreas, Chris, L&L. (protagonist Brian) and it may be titled Rough Dreams, as it talk about how Brian understand that wrestling is not easy.

Story 2 - Olav, Bjørn, Harald and La Scimmia. (protagonist Olav and Bjørn) and the title may be Indre Selv. The title is in norwegian because three of the main character are from Norway and it's meaning is 'Inner Self' as it talks about how Olav and Bjørn finally face their problems.

Now i don't know if i should write two stories about wrestling or i should do like an italian author (they say he is good in his work and i learned many things from him), that is write those two stories and when they are complete combine them in one, keeping all characters.