martedì 28 febbraio 2012

Too slow

In 3 hour non-stop i was able to write only 3 pages of Rough Dreams :( (about 20 chapter and i wrote two chapter in total)
I need to be faster if i want to work in RtYS before my 35's

domenica 26 febbraio 2012

RtYS - second experiment

Writing Rough Dreams has helped me more to understand something that you should forget what you know about RtYS. I will not abandone that project, but it will be totally different from what i have telled you. Alice and Elena are still the twins with antennas that hide their hair under wigs, but i will revise my ideas in future, and i will do it alone. Don't ask for info.

Anyway, this is the second experiment on comic. Just two days of work, Drawings look slighty better, but i need to work more on the style. Alice and Elena should keep their features, but should look more cartoonish (western, not manga)

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Let's wrestle!!!

It's incredible how i fell inspired for this story. I have only a thing in mind, when Undertaker got injured at Wrestlemania 27 and idiot fans still say 'kayfabe, kayfabe'. Instead Undertaker was clearly feeling bad.
So, mainly is for this that i am writing this story. I want to show (even if whit my ligh-hearted style) that wrestlers are human being and they suffer for their injury.
I'm at the start and now i know the basis of the story, but in future i may add parts where fans  consider wrestlers as soulless puppets instead of human being with feelings, that can get hurt.
The story is a regular story of growing, so i don't know if someone can understand the reason that have inspired me to write RD. If i will felll uninspired, i can watch some match of the Undertaker and probably inspiration will come back :D

I will talk about the story only when it will be totally finished and ready for the comic.

Remembering the yellow sky is harder to write, maybe i've keept it too complicated. Rough Dreams is simple as hell.

Some info about characters:

In order - Brian Brushes, Andreas Brushes, Olav Sørensen, Bjørn Tennfjord, Harald Næss, La Scimmia.
I haven't draw yet Chris Murray and the mistress of the wrestling federation because i have no clear idea about how they loo (especially the mistress. I don't know not even her name) , and La Scimmia needs a restiling.

The protagonist is the young Brian brushes, that at the age of 16 leaved school due to his severe dyslexia and his strong dream to be a wrestler, and now he just entered un the businnes. Brian is very talented, but at the moment he is very immature and conceited. During the story Brian will show, time by time his best huma features and is tecnique will evolve as well

Andreas Brushes is Brian's father. He is about 50 years old and is going to leave the wrestling world. Andreas doesn't evolve during the story, he has already reached the maturity and he knows what he does. Andreas is wise and calm and he give many suggestions for the career of his son. Andreas has also a diploma as doctor.

Olav Sørensen and La Scimmia apparently have very similar personality. They're both quiet and loner. The difference is that La Scimmia is usually very formal. He likes to be called 'Mr Meunier' (his real name is Bérard Meunier) and when he is outside the ring and doesn't train he dress always elegnat and likes to read books about politics, Olav is instead very casual, and when he opens himself to someone he appears to be playful and dreamy. They dislike each other and when they have a match they give all they can, in order to demostrate their strenght.

Bjørn Tennfjord wrestles from many years. he is very talkative and doesn't fear to say what he think. Also he does not take himself seriously and gets rarely angry. But he keeps a secret that no one knows, and unfortunately the first person that discover his secret by intiution is Harald Næss.

Harald Næss, with Olav and Tennfjord is part of the tag trio 'Nordkapp', but during the story their relationship deteriorates due to Næss's unfairness. Næss is obsessed to the idea of being the 'top dog' of the federation.

I'll write about the mistress and Murray when i will draw them.

giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

My first experiment on a comic page (after many years).

 Difficult meet 
The mixed media - I used PC for ballons and borders, drawings are hand-made. Even with sketches, i had problems to respect the original picture
Size - One time i drew small, but lately i was used to draw on big surface. If i want to learn to draw comics, i need to re-learn to draw small (in fact those drawings seems how my drawing were about 3/4 years ago). I need to keep the ability to draw big, because i want to draw illustration. Also, my drawings look smaller than they actually are. An ugly optical effect.
Black and white - i need to learn to make just black and white panels. Being able to colour has no sense if you can't draw a black and white picture
Drawing style - I need to study a more cartoonish style. My drawing style isn't good for comic. At the same time, my character must remain recognizable. I think i will work on proportions.

Some curiosity
- No spoiler here. This scene should happens near to the ending of RtYS, but i will change that part because i don't like it, is unoriginal. I used that scene just to pratice on comic
- Alice and Elena wear wigs (they're going in the city)

I've projected other comic pages, and i must pratice more on pure black and white.

venerdì 10 febbraio 2012


Nooo I fell uninspireeed. I must complete Remembering the Yellow Sky but i can't find the right idea and everything i write is clichè! I need alternative way to make things happening, and some events are absolutely necessary.
I fell uninspired for drawings too. I will try to draw anyway, but seeing how my ideas suck at the moment is depressing.

mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

Dragon Ball New Age

First: remember to read my post about the comic Yuki's story and Yuki Revolution

And now let's talk about Dragon Ball NA by malik666
Dragon Ball New Age is one of the many doujinshi about Dragon Ball, featuring an alternative new serie of Dragon Ball. This comic take places in the same period of Dragon Ball GT, but it has many element from Dragon Ball Z serie (with adult Goku, Vegeta with long hair etc). This serie has nothing special, but this is not necessarily a negative thing. In fact, a fan of Dragon ball, can appreciate this story, with researches of Dragon balls and new and stronger enemies coming on Earth. There is a bit of OoC (especially for Vegeta), but it looks like that after many years of peace, Vegeta is became more human and is pride has faded, and i think this is normal. If you like Dragon Ball and you want to read something new about the serie that is as good as the original Dragon ball, go here