mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

Ugly women in comics

I have some comics of Spawn at home. And some Marvel comics. I noticed that often male are well drawn. Occasionally you may see a male characher that is not a stereotype, and is well drawn. I saw for example an ugly and fat man, and i think it was well drawn.
As opposite all women are bad drawn. Proportions aren't right at all. They are all identical and the only thing that changes is hair and clothes. Women have small chin, big lips, long noses and round eyes. Chest is always small, and same is for belly. Tits are giant and so round that look fake. Hips never look soft, they rather look like men hips. Legs are as muscular as men's. I don't know why they never try to learn to draw a decent woman. Women in comics are so ugly that they don't even seem human being.
I don't draw women often, i can say the only women i use to draw are de Giacomo twins (more than women they are young girls), but in order to draw then well (and i need to improve), i looked at several pictures of women. Draw a woman is more difficult than draw a man, but comic artists should put more effort, sinche they are used to draw i don't think that trying to draw more realistic women is so time-consuming.

Sketch of the Undertaker birthday (very childish)

sabato 17 marzo 2012

About drawing with references

My problem is the lack of natural talent at drawing (i need references in order to draw decent anatomy and natural perspective), but is not only that. A think i see often (if not always) in drawing by people that draw without references is the fact that their character are similar each other. They may have not the same face but they always have the same body.
I'm a fan of a troope called 'cast of snowflakes', this does means that my OCs must look one different from another, and if i want realistic differences i need to look at several pictures of certain people. Is also true i use my imagination when i draw a character for first time, but after i look to references. 
Someone suggested me to avoid references, because, as some artists say, referencing make lose the ability to draw from imagination, and is pretty contradictory when a suggestion ofter beginner artist receive is 'draw what you see'. Lately i'm starting to draw in more cartoonish style and somethimes to invent poses, but by using certain references, in order to keep consistence. Also in opposite to some artist that suggest to draw from imagination (or even to avoid to copy), there are artist that suggest to look to references, even to draw the smallest detail. The drawing i did above is made by using references of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker in Ministry era. But before i did few pratice at sketching pictures of people with crossed arms, and the pose and the perspective is slighty different from pictures i referenced.
Using references does not means you have to copy strictly what you see and change only chlothes and phisical apparence (even if i suggest to do so if you are unexperienced, i did it also until last year), but it is useful for more realism and more natural effect in your drawings.

venerdì 9 marzo 2012


Figured out how to use Steam and how to play Saints Row the Third.
I already re-did Olav
If you can't find him try this

I will update this post.

martedì 6 marzo 2012

Yes, the original Saints Row the Third!!!!

I tried the hacked version, and i loved that game!!! I gave Olav's resemblance to the Boss (the protagonist of SRIII), as you can decide his look. My brother said Brian should be more appropriate because the Boss is often a jerk (but Brian is far more stupid than the Boss XD).
Later i did even Bjørn and Alice and Elena de Giacomo (yes, you can have a female Boss too)

Bjørn and the twins need a restyling (especially the twins). Olav is perfect.
I will improve how Alice, eelna and Bjørn look when i will have finally installed Saints Row III. Installing a steam videogame was hard it took two entire days to me XD I had to uninstall it two times before being able to install it, and now i have to download two giga to make it work!!! Damned antipirate system! I hope at least it will work well. I did also an account into Saints Row community so i can upload and play with all my OCs!!!