domenica 21 luglio 2013

I'll take a bit of time to write something about me...

... because I will not post new art this week.

As I already told in this blog, I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.
Since I was 11, I didn't nothing about visit to psychologist etc, but I worked by myself, in order to improve my comprehension of communication, social skills etc...

Is happened that recently, a person I and my brother know, was diagnosed with autism aswell. and plus, my brother and my mum realized I'm having some difficult in everyday life. As difficult I mean certain things is perfectly normal to do, but they don't come spontaneous to me.

So my brother organized a visit with a psychologist for me, and few weeks ago I and my mum went to psychologist. I was worried. But result of the visit was good. During those 30 years of life, I learned a lot of things that many 30 years-old autistics don't know yet, so I think I can say I am a very high functioning autistic. Psychologist suggest me how to overcome problems I have on multitasking and told me that I need to work on my social skills (I'm naturally an extroverted, but when I was little I approached people in wrong way, so now I am a bit scared when I have to approach people I don't know). This does means that I will probably have to do some volunteer works (related to drawing) in nearby kindergarden and probably I will have to draw social stories for autistic kids.

At the moment I'm trying to improve in everyday life, but is quite difficult.

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