venerdì 19 luglio 2013

I hope my sketchy sketches don't annoy you. But I need to practice on sketches. (today I hadn't a lot of time for an accurate drawing)
If you don't want to see my sketches I will not show you them anymore.

Rotten is a tertiary character that appears just once in Rough Dream. I think he is the most disturbing character of the story.
His look is inspired to Gollum, and I will define this character better with time. at the moment he's not fully defined, but his personality is clear.
In silhouette he looks a lot like Harald. But he has bigger chest, flat hips and thinner limbs. Also he is 24 cm smaller than Harald, so his general proportions are different (now that I give a look to silhouette, they are different. Somethimes I see my character more alike than they really are, because later I can recognize them very easily from their silhouette) .
If you think a small framed man can't fight, well, see this:
Although he appears just once, I prefer to give a well defined look to characters that help the story to advance (I don't like when characters that talk once with protagonists are generic/approximate)
I didn't describled him again, I just talked about his (only)match.

Rotten (c) by Alice Sacco

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